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Welcome to mCLASS® TX Edition

We’re here to help you support your students in becoming confident readers in both English and Spanish.

What’s new:

  • Explore new updates and exciting program highlights this back-to-school season.
  • NEW 2024-25 Early Childhood Data System (ECDS) resources are accessible in the tab below!
  • Watch the ECDS and ERI data submissions and review webinar (full video)
  • Live training sessions for teachers and other education stakeholders in the area of early childhood assessments, sponsored by the new Early Childhood Assessment Support Initiative (ECAS)!
mCLASS Texas Edition Program Overview

Getting started

Accessing your program(s)

If you’ve never logged in to Amplify programs before, visiting our Login Support page will help you get started. Once you’ve successfully logged in, you’ll find tools to help you explain to your students how they’ll access their Amplify programs.

Please log in using Clever or Classlink, if your school/districts uses these single sign-on portals.

Notice something new in your program? 

View our brief deck of program navigation and resource updates.

Navigating your unified homepage

Watch this brief video to view a navigational walkthrough of the platform. Then log in to access the new unified educator home and all licensed programs.

FREE online courses

Access the self-paced, online courses for Boost Reading Texas (K–5 and 6–8) and mCLASS Texas Edition (English and Spanish) to become more familiar with using the supplemental programs.

PD Library

With a new and improved pathway, you can now access the PD Library more easily than ever through Programs & Apps waffle on the Educator Home. Upon logging in, you’ll find Admin and Scoring resources that were previously accessible via the training tile.

Do you use multiple Amplify Texas literacy programs?

Learn how to cohesively integrate Amplify Texas core, supplemental, and intervention programs into your school day.

Read the 2023-24 Texas Early Literacy Suite Guide.

Using the program

Explore the tabs below to learn how to make the most of your Amplify Texas program(s).


What is Amplify mCLASS Texas Edition?

mCLASS Texas Edition provides a full K–6 early literacy assessment solution. The mCLASS comprehensive system includes:

– efficient one-minute measures in foundational reading skills

– a built-in dyslexia screener

– teacher-led instruction

– robust reports for teachers and administrators

It’s all you will need to monitor and support students with varying instructional needs.

With mCLASS Texas Edition and mCLASS Lectura, students can demonstrate the full range of their biliteracy skills with equitable skill coverage, grade coverage, instructional tools, and reporting across English and Spanish assessments. Teachers can also access unique dual language reporting that highlights transferable skills across both languages.

mCLASS Texas K-6

mCLASS Texas Edition is built on decades of research at the Center on Teaching and Learning at the University of Oregon, a research center that uses evidence and research-based practices to advance teaching and student learning. The measures are already used in hundreds of districts in Texas.

mCLASS Lectura K-6  

For years teachers have needed the right tool to assess their students’ Spanish literacy skills. mCLASS Lectura is grounded in the latest research on how Spanish literacy develops with culturally responsive content and parity with English assessments.

When Lectura is used with mCLASS TX, teachers have access to the Dual Language report which provides a side-by-side view of their student’s skills in both English and Spanish. mCLASS Lectura is the only assessment to offer a dual language instructional report with built-in professional development for each foundational reading skill including guidance and resources to promote cross-linguistic transfer.  

mCLASS Lectura offers many enhancements to the user experience, Spanish measures and targeted instruction, reporting, and more. Lectura is also validated for benchmark, progress monitoring, and dyslexia screening.  Learn more about the difference between IDEL and Lectura.

ECDS Submission

2023-24 Early Childhood Data System (ECDS)

The ECDS is a state reporting feature in the Texas Student Data System (TSDS). All public schools and open-enrollment charter schools (LEAs) in Texas must report assessment data collected using assessments that are aligned with the Texas Education Data Standards (TEDS) and on the commissioner’s list of approved assessments, such as Amplify’s mCLASS® Texas edition. Amplify will provide the mCLASS® Texas BOY assessment data (under the academic subject “Composite” for Language and Literacy) directly to the Texas Education Agency (TEA).

Watch the ECDS and ERI data submissions and review webinar (full video).

Instructions for updating enrollment files

Dates to be aware of:

  • By Friday, November 3, 2023, you’ll update your enrollment files to include the correct Texas Unique State Student ID (UID)
  • Submissions are due by January 25, 2024, to support your professional learning needs in a timely manner.

ECDS help


For errors found in your Amplify submitted data, please contact your customer success partner or

Important: Please include “ECDS” in the subject line of all correspondence to our help teams.


For TSDS errors, please submit a TIMS ticket and/or connect with your region center.

Teaching with mCLASS Texas

Below you will find instructional topics such as pacing, differentiation, and instructional practices, all the while highlighting Amplify features and resources you can be using to grow your expertise of our curriculum!

Share your tips!

We want to share Amplify ELP tips for teachers by teachers. Submit your Texas teacher tips for the opportunity to be featured here! Check here frequently to find recent teacher tip submissions.

mCLASS Administrator resources

Below you will find mCLASS Texas Edition and mCLASS Lectura resources that are designed to help you access reporting and monitor program fidelity.

New unified educator home
Know your measures

Read more about satisfying ERI and dyslexia screening for kindergarten and grade 1

* Grade K reports the dyslexia flag at EOY and grade 1 reports by EOY, but assessment must be completed by Jan 31.

** Must be given for DIBELS 8th Edition only by Jan. 31

Approved screening instruments must take only a brief time to administer and be cost-effective. They must have established validity, reliability, and standards. They must also include distinct indicators identifying students as either not at risk or at risk for dyslexia or reading difficulties. Screening instruments must also provide standardized directions for administration as well as clear guidance for the administrator regarding scoring and interpretation of indicators/results.

Additionally, each screening instrument must include adequate training for educators on how to administer the instrument and interpret results. 

If assessing DIBELS 8 and Lectura in grade 2, administer the Letter Naming Fluency/Fluidez en nombrar letras (FNL) for select students. (Use grade 1 EOY paper-pencil form.)

Assessment administration

When administering mCLASS and Lectura assessments, it is helpful to have a physical copy of the teacher prompts and scoring rules near you while assessing.

Find more administration guidance by logging in to and selecting the Training tile.



How do I log in to mCLASS Home?

mCLASS Home is where you access mCLASS reporting, instruction, and other helpful resources.

Follow these steps to log in:

1. Navigate to

2. Use your Amplify username and password to log in.

Forgot your password?

– Click “Forgot Password”

– Enter your Amplify username and your district or school email address. Click Send. Then follow the instructions in the email you receive to reset your password.

Don’t have a login yet? Please contact your school or district administrator.

How do I set up my assessment devices?

Assessments are administered using the mCLASS app. The mCLASS app is installed by creating a shortcut from Chrome™ (Safari for iPads) on your device’s desktop or home screen. Click the link for your device for installation instructions:

Note that you need your Amplify username and password to install the mCLASS app. If you have not received it, please contact your school or district administrator.

Can I administer the assessment remotely?

mCLASS Texas Edition can be administered in many ways, including remotely. This site will give guidance on the various ways to administer mCLASS Texas Edition to best support your students in any learning environment.

What is the Dyslexia screening?

mCLASS® Texas DIBELS® 8 and Lectura assess the updated skills required for dyslexia screening.

We’ve got you covered!


How do I get my school licensed and enrolled?

For additional information, please visit the Texas Admin Hub.

What’s included in the kits?

Learning opportunities

Once you have logged in to the program, these resources will help you get started.

About mCLASS Texas professional development

Whether you’re launching into a new program or looking to strengthen your skills, Amplify’s professional learning sessions will support your needs.

  • Register now to join new and upcoming learning sessions.
  • On-demand sessions offer timely insights to support your mCLASS implementation.
  • Webinar recordings to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

For more professional learning opportunities, view the Texas professional development catalog.

Live trainings

Interested in learning about mCLASS® Texas? Whether currently using mCLASS or another Amplify Texas program, you can view available sessions and register now.

Early Childhood Assessment Support (ECAS) Initiative

Live training sessions for teachers and other education stakeholders in the area of early childhood assessments, sponsored by the Early Childhood Assessment Support (ECAS) Initiative!  These sessions will deepen understanding of how to utilize mCLASS to accelerate data-driven student outcomes in early literacy. Registration is now available.

For more information about this initiative, please visit the official ECAS site.

On-demand sessions

View the on-demand sessions below. 

  1. Begin with our series to gain timely insights to support your mCLASS implementation. Sessions are listed from most recent.
  1. For modules that you can complete at your own pace, please explore the mCLASS Texas Online Modules: Content and Access site.

Webinar recordings

Archived 2021-2022

Preparing for the Middle of the Year (MOY) Benchmarks, November 2021 (44:11)
ECDS and ERI, October 2021 (53:14)

Advice and answers

Did you know we have a robust library of help articles? Anytime you’re looking for answers, visit the library and use the Search tool at the top of the page to find all the articles on keywords like: mCLASS, reporting, assigning, or QR code.

There’s even a collection of articles devoted to all things Amplify ELAR.

Technology requirements

Your district administrator has been provided with hardware and network requirements to meet the minimum technical requirements for performance and support of your curriculum products. This information is available on Amplify’s customer requirements page

Your district administrator has also been provided the URLs on this page to add to the corresponding district- or school-level filters. This step ensures that teachers and students can access Amplify ELAR materials.

Your computer or tablet must also be set to accept “cookies” from Amplify program sites.  

Need help fast? Try a live chat!

We are ready to assist you with on-demand live chat. Support hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET. To connect with our support team, log in to, navigate to the bottom right corner of your screen, and click the live chat icon. We’re happy to help with specific questions or guide you to answers in our help collection.